Neem oil


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Organic Cold-Pressed 1500 PPM Neem Oil for spray-on Plants & Garden soil.  Neem Oil can be used to treat a number of garden ailments, including Insects. Neem oil (Azadirachtin 0.15% EC 1500 ppm) kills or repels many harmful insects, sucking pests, and mites, including whiteflies, aphids, snails, leafhopper, thrips, nematodes, mealybugs, cabbage worms, gnats, moths, cockroaches, flies, termites (deemak), mosquitoes, and snails.

Neem oil is also effective in preventing fungal diseases. it is also effective against chewing insect-like stem borer, fruit borer, capsule borer, and caterpillars, etc. Neem oil is also used in soil. Shake well before use. mix 4-5 Ml neem oil in 1-liter water mix well and spray on both sides of plants leaves, You can also mix it with liquid soap for a double whammy.