Syngenta Vinayak


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Quantity: 50 gms


Syngenta Vinayak:

This is a hybrid F1 bottle gourd seed and comes from the brand Syngenta. This product is best suited for agricultural purposes.

SOWING DETAILS: This variety takes around 55-60 days from sowing to its first harvest – depending on season / climate. Picking is done generally at an interval of 6-7 days. The sowing season for this cucumber seed : Summer, Rabi, Kharif .

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The fruit shape is uniform. The fruit color is  green and glossy with cylindrical long shape. Good fruit setting & high yield. Average fruit weight is 1 to 1.25 kg  and approximate fruit length is 40 cm to 42 cm with the  girth of 7 cm.

RESISTANCE: It has Field tolerance to diseases like DM & PM

PACKAGING AND SHELF LIFE: It appears in the packaging of 50 grams. This variety is suitable for long distance transportation and has a good shelf life.